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J.B.’s Fireworks Show

      Our friend J.B. had a fireworks show at his house on Thursday night for his 40th Birthday party. J.B. has a pyrotechnics license from the ATF. Anytime you go to a party that requires a license from the ATF you know you must be in for a good time. The potluck was off the chain and everybody ate more than should have and there was still plenty of food left over.

      The party started off with some amazing lightening and one of the most amazing cloudscapes I have ever seen. After some brief rain we all went outside to watch the show. It was amazing. The best fireworks I have seen and some of the loudest. The hair on my head actually moved at several of the blast and we were 100 yards or more away from the launch zone. We had a blast hanging with our friends Lee and Katherine and hope to get invited back next year.