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Let’s Media Part 5: Guest Sydnie Davidson

1104709726_e426d7474a       My name is Sydnie Davidson and I am reluctantly writing as Jeremy’s guest blogger. Seems I don’t really have a choice since I am Jeremy’s wife. (Only joking, dear!) I was asked to write about my experiences with So…Here goes nothing!

I have become very fond of Craigslist in the past few months. Several times a day, I find myself rushing to the computer to see if there are any new finds. I have gotten rid of some things that I would have otherwise had to have paid to have hauled off and I have acquired many things that make my husband groan.

Some of the fun of Craigslist is the chase. You have to be the first to respond to the post, and sometimes, I think it helps to have a sob story of how much you wish you had or need their item. (I don’t do this, of course!) It is also interesting meeting all of the different people on Craigslist. I have picked something up for a lady in a shiny BMW and I have given something to someone in a van being held together with duct tape.

Craigslist provides great ministry opportunities. I have seen many people giving away bags of clothes, furniture, and even food. I have had the opportunity to give an old mattress to a lady whose current mattress had springs sticking out. I have also been ministered to on Craigslist. A lovely lady who was giving away some monkey grass went out of her way to help me with my garden. She taught me much about gardening. She also gave me much insight into how the garden relates to our daily lives as Christians.

I have truly enjoyed my experiences with and encourage everyone to use this site!

Remember: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Do you go to What have your experiences been?