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Lunch at The Brook

runnersworld_logo      I had lunch today with Brian Hoover from RunnersWorld Tulsa at The Brook. We discussed the upcoming 5K Race on August 9th. RunnersWorld is going to help get the word out about the race and help with registration. This race is really coming together quite nice and Brian was excited about the fact that we are the only race around that day, which should help us draw a larger crowd and more money for the Broken Arrow Cross Country Team. If you haven’t registered for the race you can get your 5K Race Registration here.

The Caesar salad at The Brook was great. I can’t wait to go there at another time and try something else.

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  • Katherine

    July 11, 2008 at 11:37 am

    I was at the chiropractor today, and while adjusting me, Dr Scholle leaned over and started to tell me about a call she got from a Baptist Church that’s having a 5k. I said “That’s my church!!” It was a thrilling moment for me.