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Pickens Plan

      I am sitting at home tonight watching The History of Video Games on CNBC. I just saw an add for the Pickens Plan and went over to to check it out. T. Boone Pickens is pushing a plan to begin creating more wind power energy in order to displace our use of natural gas, with the hope that these natural gas reserves would be used to begin decreasing our dependence on foreign oil. I am all for using more alternative energy, like wind, to decrease our use of oil and dependence upon foreign oil.

      So why am I bringing this site to your attention? This site is built so strongly upon social media platforms that I wouldn’t be surprised to see this plan blow up. The share features on the site have left nothing out and they have done an amazing job of allowing registered users to create custom badges for their social sites and web pages. BUILT TO SHARE.

Watch the video, check out the site, and tell me what you think.