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Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Social Media Part 2

letsgetsocial copy        Today we are going to be talking about Twitter is a mobile social networking tool that you update via text message. You may have noticed the Twitter feed on the right side of my blog. I update this area of my blog via cell phone or by logging into Twitter online.  You can even upload pictures to your Twitter feed through Twitter is a relatively new site, is constantly going through growing pains (the site is growing faster than the administrators and servers can keep up with), and many believe that as others write for their APIs that Twitter will be seeing some amazing things happening. Mobile blogging is the next thing in social media and is growing fast. You can follow people’s twitter feed to see what they are up to and interact with them in real time. When Tim Russert recently passed the news broke on Twitter almost 30 minutes before it was announced on the television. Check out the New York Times article here. When you want the news and you want it fast, where are you going to turn.

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