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Conor Oberst

conor_oberst-solo_record       I purchased the new Conor Oberst album yesterday and have listened to it three times now. I really enjoy the songs and stories Conor is telling. I like the way he works in the phrase “milk thistle” into a song. I never thought I would hear that one. Conor has a way of expressing the fear and frustration through his singing that few others seem to be able to capture. Check out I Don’t Want To Die in the Hospital. I enjoy the new/old school country sound that Conor and Ryan Adams have been bringing back. The Rhodes on Eagle on a Pole is an amazing sound and is pure pleasure.

I need to take the time to thank Leslie Penhall for introducing me to Conor and his music.

I saw that Conor is going to be at Cain’s on September 25th with Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley. I am going to have to get tickets.


  • Sarah

    August 8, 2008 at 11:48 pm

    Aw, Jerkface, I’m jealous! I would TOTALLY be in Tulsa for that one were I still an Oklahoman! Jenny Lewis is fabulous! I like Oberst as well, but Jenny is a doll.