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Friday is for Film

heartofgold The selection for today is Neil Young: Heart of Gold. I have long been a fan of Neil Young and the work of director Jonathan Demme. You may have seen some of Demme’s other films like Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia. Recorded at the Ryman Auditorium, this beautiful film features Emmylou Harris singing background vocals and the Nashville String Machine. Young, who had just recovered from an aneurysm and lost his father when this movie was shot, progresses through some sweet sounding melodies, love songs and wistful lyrics. The standout performance on this album is a tie between the lulling Nashville String Machine and the work of Dobro player.

Neil Young has been an artist who pours his heart and soul into his work and the intimate songs that Neil shares with us in this work connects us with the history that has made the man. There are some intensely personal songs here for his dad and daughter.

I enjoyed this film, but know that I have to be in the mood to sit down to watch it. Slow at times, with some of the songs dragging out longer than my attention span can last. I am going to give this one 7 out of 10 pics.