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Google Family Portrait


Sydnie discovered this week that we were outside our house when the Google Maps vehicle drove through our neighborhood taking pictures. Our address doesn’t quite map right, but if you move the map a few house down you will find us outside arriving home from work. When we tell people to Google map our house we can also tell them to look for the house where we are standing outside. Our friend Melissa is arriving to hang out for the weekend.

I think it would be nice for Google to allow you to know when you are getting your house mapped so that you and the family could get outside in time to get mapped. I am sure that someone would use the opportunity for evil though. Mooning through the window of the house, running along side the Google truck while it is mapping (I am secretly planning on doing this the next time I see a Google Map Truck), acting Washington’s crossing of the Delaware…I lot of things come to mind.

So I got caught. Can you get caught by the Google Mappers?