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Songwriting Community

I just read a great article over at on developing song writing communities. It is a great article that I wanted to share with you guys. I think it is important to develop these communities within your church. It allows the indigenous flavor our your church to begin to take root. It gives your artists the opportunity to create works for the encouragement of the body and through the process deepens the intimacy level within the group. It is time to move past just having a worship team into creating worship environments and spaces where artists can create, grow, and work. All you really need is a living room, some snacks, and a groups of artists looking to contribute.

While researching the history of Bossa Nova music in college for my historical research class I discovered that the music grew out of an apartment where musicians would gather to play songs with one another.

At our last student ministry practice I had create a loop in reason and asked our musicians and singers to write a song around it. They had a great time and came up with some great lyrics with a personal meaning. I an looking forward to allowing them more creative room within the song set. Some of my favorite times as a musician were when my friend Justin would begin ad-libbing during a set and we would follow him.

How are you nurturing the creators of worship music within your community or church?

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