Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist


     It has been a very busy copy of days for me. We had a big outreach event on Sunday and I have been getting the new web site ready for launch. We went live with the site last night and I stayed up most of the night checking things out and adding content. I normally don’t get very tired, but I have been sleepy all day.

     I went to Dark Side skate shop this afternoon to pick out a skateboard to give away at our September 9th Launch party for Skate Church Broken Arrow. It is going to be a killer time and the board is amazing. It is a Bachinsky deck with Venture trucks, Pig bearings, and Hubba wheels. I love going to the skateshop and putting a board together. Highlight of my day. Well, that and the white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies I ate. The students are going to freak over this new board.

     Currently watching The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Clint Eastwood is crawling around the desert and looking like a burnt raisin.

     Kim and Phillip came over and hung out at the house with us tonight. They are relatively new to the church. They both love to watch movie, listen to music, and go to concerts. Great people. Phillip helped me move the skate ramp I built over the weekend to the church.

Battery is running low and so am I. Chat at you later taters.