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El Guapo’s

El_GuapoCantina Today the staff went to downtown Tulsa for the Get Motivated seminar that was held at the new BOK Center. During the lunch break went to eat at El Guapo’s. El Guapo’s is a great Mexican restaurant off of 1st street. I had the cheese enchilada, a chicken empanada tried the Chile Verde Wet Burrito. Most of the people at the table got the wet burrito. The wet burrito has chile verde, jack cheese, refried beans and poblano rice, topped with creamy white queso with a bit of cinnamon within. I would have to say that my favorite was the cheese enchilada and the bowl of beans that came with them. Amazing! Take someone you love or just someone you kinda of like down to El Guapo’s and eat a good meal

OKTULcenter_0856 While you are downtown go and check out the Center of the Universe. My friend Adam told me about it and we went to check it out before lunch. You stand in the center of this plaza and your voice reverberates in a weird way. I am not sure how it works, but it is definitely cool.

What is your favorite downtown Tulsa place to eat?