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Global Impact Missions Celebration

wales We are having a Mission Conference here at Arrow Heights this weekend called Global Impact Celebration. I have been so encouraged by listening to these guys and girls talking about their work. I am currently listening to a foreign missionary talk about his work in Wales where Christianity is in major decline and Islam is booming. He said that in the local grade school where where he calls home there are 47 languages spoken as a first language. Truly the nations have gathered in his city. He relates that the Baptists in his country have become very liberal and he expects the Baptist Union of Wales to be completely dead within 6 years. Wales is 92% unchurched.


He just gave an amazing stat he got from Avery Willis about how much of the total amount of money the SBC raises never leaves the country. Avery said that only about 2.5% of our money gets put into reaching the rest of the world and, "we will be held accountable for this." Wow. I am feeling very blessed after hearing from these missionaries.

As I write this and the missionary continues speaking he continues to throw some amazing things out about his work in Wales and what Oklahoma students did there this past summer.

Great stuff. Wish you could hear it.