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My Bible Journey: John 1-2

I have started studying John as I teach it to the students who attend Skate Church. Here are a few of the insights I have taken out of chapters 1-2.

  • The disciples came to believe in Jesus in different ways; Nathanael even needed a little extra effort
  • I love when Jesus asks Andrew, "What do you want?" and Andrew replies, "Rabbi, where are you staying?" If Jesus was to turn around on you right now and ask you why you are following Him what would you say?
  • I think Jesus wants us to dream BIG. He jokes around with Nathanael for believing for something small and then goes on to say that he will see greater things. What do you believe God is capable of doing?
  • Jesus makes 120-180 gallons of wine for a party that had already ran out of wine. This was a big party.
  • Sometimes God will give us a word and we won’t know what to make of it until a latter point. When Jesus spoke of raising the temple the disciples didn’t get it until three years later. I can remember God telling me to sell all of my guitars and equipment. I didn’t understand why, but he showed later that He had me do this to position me for the work He needed me to do. Sometimes we need to write things down or put them away until God shows us what to do with it and it could take Him years. BE PATIENT!


  • craigo

    September 21, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    If it was a Baptist wedding, would he have made grape juice ? …………no, but seriously, are we being disobedient when we refuse to use wine for communion ? I know as baptists we believe it’s just a ‘representation’ of Jesus’ blood, but does that mean we could use Kool-Aid instead of grape juice ? How about orange Kool-Aid ? How about RedBull ? Does it just need to be a purple beverage ? How far can we deviate from what the scriptures say ? …………does it really matter ? Am I just being difficult ? Help me out here – I’ve wondered about this for a long time – what are the theological implications ?