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Paul Newman Passes

I read that Paul Newman passed away today from cancer at the age of 83. There was a great article from MSN about the actor, his legacy, and his life. As an avid film fan I have long loved the work of Newman, but did not know very much about his charitable giving. I read an article yesterday from Tim Stevens entitled "Joe Biden Ticks Me Off." In the article Stevens relates how little Obama and Biden have given to charity in recent years when compared to the giving of John McCain. But as generous as McCain and the Clinton’s have been to charities over the years, Newman proved to be one of the great American philanthropists.  All of the proceeds from Newman’s Own dressings go to charities, which have totaled more than $175 Million since company began in 1982. Newman had also started a camp in Connecticut for kids with cancer.

So how much did Biden give to charity recently? How about $995 in 2007, which was one of his most charitable years and $120 in 1999. You check out some other figures on giving here.

With corporations extolling their charitable interests more and more what role do you think the charity of our politicians will make in the coming years?