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Pearl Jam: Rearviewmirror

pearl_jam_rearview_mirr In high school the first influential album in my life was Ten by Pearl Jam. It was the first CD I bought and I listened to it literally a thousand times. That fact that there was a track on the album named Jeremy was totally a bonus. My friend Rodrick and I bought every Pearl Jam album we could find at the stores and searched far and wide for the hard to find live and European albums. We would sit around listening to Pearl Jam or playing their songs on our guitars. Alive was the first song I could play from beginning to end. Pearl Jam was first live concert experience in the Travel and Transportation building at the OKC Fairgrounds and we were in the mosh pit and just out from the center of the stage. I have front row at Coldplay, but nothing will compare to that first experience. The Seattle bands connected with my friends and these bands continue to be in heavy rotation in my playlist. I remember the night they first played Saturday Night Live and thinking that Eddie Vedder is the freaking man. They had some much passion and angst.   Not for You and State of Love and Trust are two of my favorite songs.

So what has been one the most influential albums in your life?