Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist


I just an interesting article over at The New York Times on the burgeoning new renaissance generation. One of the quotes that seemed most interesting was, "they have learned to trust what they experience rather than what experts tell them." I have long felt that we need to create interaction experiences to help our people understand what we are teaching. Past Alex Himaya at The Church at Battle Creek stated at the Threads conference last week that Jesus taught to large crowds but showed smaller groups what he was talking about. Himaya refers to this as "show and tell" methodology.

So what would happen if we shifted some of our small group teaching to showing? Instead of simply talking about serving the poor and ending the message with a challenge to get plugged in somewhere, we need to incorporate the action (experience) into the teach. Use a video to show to show your congregation what a typical volunteer will do during their time serving. Incorporate more ways to teach to small groups of people. Maybe this is a new twist on "teach less for more." Teach fewer people a simple lesson and provide the application experience for them. If they trust what they experience rather than what we say then we should design more interactive experiences.

Read the article. What sticks out about it to you? What are your insights into reaching and collaborating with this new generation?