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Ryland Russell

I first meet Ryland Russell at the University of Central Oklahoma in 2003. He and his wife were working with my friend Tommy Haines of RealChurch at starting a worship experience on campus. It was an amazing experience seeing so many people connect with God. Ryland and his band led the worship and I had the privilege to run sound. When I left Waterloo Road to come to Arrow Heights I was tasked with finding my replacement and I only had one person in mind. Ryland is an amazing and gifted worship leader with many other amazing skills. This is starting to sound like a man-crush article. Scary.

So last night I saw that Ryland had posted a video of his band singing Jesus, Paid it All that I wanted to share with you guys. Watch the video, go to his web site, invite him to lead worship at your next event, buy his new album.

Ryland Russell Band – Jesus Paid it All – SYATP 08 from ryland russell on Vimeo.

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  • Praise Drummer

    October 2, 2008 at 1:11 am

    Ryland is my favorite worship leader. I believe his heart is about serving people. Through his music and ministry and through his life. The album is one of the freshest worship CD’s you can experience. He has been critically acclaimed by some of the toughest critics. Excellent vid. Thanks for sharing this!