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SkateChurch Launch


We had a great launch party for Skate Church this week with more than 35 people in attendance. We had a great time skating and the skaters love the new quarterpipe, though I had to yell at the for jumping off of the storage building where it was positioned against. The guy standing next to me is Josh and it was his first time at the park. Before I started the devotional I asked for a volunteer to hold the bucket of tickets that we were going draw from for the new skateboard. Josh volunteered right off. I told all the kids that I didn’t know him and that he looked a bit shady so they should keep their eyes on him to make sure he wasn’t putting extra tickets in the bucket. When it came time to draw guess whose name came out of the bucket? My man Josh’s. What are the odds? I met his mom after we finished and she really loved seeing her son skate and what we were doing with the park. We had for older teens from the local skatepark show up early and help set the park up. A couple of these guys dropped out of school, but would like help getting back on track. They would like to get their GED and go to college.

I am learning that effective ministry can really boil down to time. How much time do you have to give? Do you have time to just hang out and talk with students and really get to the core issues of their problems? Many times we try to apply a huge message to a large group of students and spend a lot of time not connecting with the issues they are really dealing with. Maybe it is time to start getting back to a biblical model of small group where one leader leads a small number of students and really invests in their lives instead of one guy preaching at 50, 100, 500 or more students, but never connecting with them individually with what they really need right now. Jesus was able to spend quality time with each of his disciples. Maybe it needs to be quality over quantity. Maybe that is teaching less for more. Teach less students for a greater impact. Teach less messages so that they can work on one thing at a time. Less talking and more listening. I am starting to rant so I will cut this one short.

Great launch party can’t wait for next Tuesday.



Later people.