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Taking It On The Road

ToddlerTravel-ChildSuitcase1sm     Earlier today Sydnie and I were leaving the church to go to lunch when we saw two toddlers walking along the side of Elm. There was a boy about 3 years old and a girl about 2 years. Neither had shoes on. The girl was in a diaper and a shirt. The boy was in some swimming trunks and missing his shirt. The boy was dragging a small yellow suitcase behind. They were on the move along one of the busiest streets in Broken Arrow. We pulled into the next street and went back to talk with them and call the police. The boy was very talkative and told us he was three. He told us his name and his sisters name. A very friendly little guy. He showed us that he had packed his bag full of coloring books and paper, which is basically what you need when you run away from home at the age of three. About the time the cop showed up the dad came around the corner in a robe to get the kids. He said that they had never gotten this far away before. A new personal best for the little ones. A very scary situation.

I can remember my brother and I getting on our big wheels when we were kids and taking off down the road in the neighborhood before mom woke up. She caught us at the next stop sign and walked us back home where we ate some cereal.

Did you ever run away from home as a child?