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Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Text Vs. Talk

I was just reading an article on the Advertising Age web site that said for the second straight quarter text use has eclipsed talk use. An average teen 13-17 will send more than 1,742 texts per months and make only 231 calls in that same period. BTW, if you haven’t gotten your kids the text package make sure you get the unlimited text plan. With the rise of services like Twitter texting has become an important social tool and with the new site Yammer it may soon become more important to the office. We are using a service called TextMarks here at Arrow Heights to build text message groups that allow us to send a message to large groups of people without getting charged for every message. Our Upward recreation directors really enjoy the freedom to be able to update their coaches and players about weather updates and cancellations. I am planning on setting up several twitter feeds for a scavenger hunt in the future. Stay tuned for details.

I have read about several churches that broadcast their twitter feed onto the wall in the sanctuary so that people can interact with the service in real time across the church. These tools can used to build community with your church or small group. It would be great to have a twitter prayer group for your church that sends a text to your prayer warrior followers who get the update in real time and can respond with other requests or say that they are praying.

How often do you text? How important has texting become to you and/or your kids?

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