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What Not to Wear

What-not-to-wear      I am currently running sound for the 2008 Circle of Nations Christian Women’s Conference. The speaker is blowing it out of the water. She is currently contrasting the show What Not to Wear with the sin in our lives. We have all of this stuff in the closet that we just can’t bring ourselves to get rid of. We need someone to come alongside us and help us get these things out of our life. Amazing stuff. I forgot to start the recorder for this session. Dang it. Read Chapter 3 of the book of Colossians and set your minds on heavenly things.  Ask yourself what you need to clean out of the closet and think about how you need to "clothe yourself." What do you need to put on? Great message people. I wonder if anyone has done a Girls Retreat around this theme before?

Just wanted to pass this along.