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A View From The Edge

PIC-0104       I have spent the last 4 days in Estes Park, CO in a retreat with some of the coolest guys in the nation. I signed up for a program called Rhythm in Twenty earlier this summer. It is a two year journey into discovering more about calling, passion, and the strength of community.

I had a blast with these guys traveling around the mountains, fly fishing in the streams, watching the elk in rut, relaxing in the evenings, and studying the themes that are running through our lives. I look forward to sharing more about these new friends over the next two years as we celebrate the work of God in our lives. The experience of connecting and worshipping together deeply moved me. During one of our worship experiences this group of men sang loud and with a passion that arose from deep within their hearts and souls. The devotion to the will of God in these men and their love of family, community, and the joy of life astounds me.

What can God reveal to 20 men committed to helping each other grow? I don’t even want to try to label it. I am expectant, yet leaving plenty of room for God to do more than I could ask or imagine. By "plenty of room" I mean I can not even imagine what will happen. I am already being reshaped by my experience. This is a  group of theologians, church planters, pastors, entrepreneurs, poets, warriors, risk-takers, men…

I want to invite you to check out the Rhythm web site and encourage you to join the next group that begins in May. You will not regret it and will grow exponentially during your journey. It may sound weird to say that on the front end of this journey, but my experience this weekend has proved this to be true: the world will not be the same because of our time together.