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Church 2.0: Tulsa

     I spent most of the day Friday at The Church at Battle Creek for the Church 2.0 MeetUp. Greg Atkinson, Kent Shaffer, and Chris Forbes were there sharing their wisdom. Many thanks to Greg for bringing us all together and to EasyWorship for providing the free lunch.

     My favorite part of the meeting was when Kent would share on a subject. His is a very wise person and I think that many of us took several things away. His insights into the balance between using and abusing technology were great and his call to know who you are as a church and who you are called to reach were rocking. We talked about how we are using technology to further the work of the church, twitter, the emerging role of online community pastor, and social justice. I several new friends at the gathering and enjoyed getting the chance to network with these guys.

Greg talked a lot about and how they are using for small groups and the Church 2.0 group. Check it out to see how your church or community could use it.

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