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Fight Slavery

01_1280x960 Tonight I was reading over at Brad Ruggles about the Call and Response campaign to end slavery in the world. The image you see above is my new desktop wallpaper to remind me to become more aware of the injustice in the world and how I can bring justice to everyone.

Last week I spent some time with Matt Krick, the Spiritual Formations Pastor at Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, MI. Matt had a great impression upon me and the life that I am living. He shared several stories that led me to consider how my lifestyle affects the lives of others. In the back of my mind I thought that social justice was a good thing, but it was not really affecting the way I lived and thus it really was not taking root in my life. Well it is time to start watering.

Take some time to evaluate your lifestyle and how you are bringing justice to the world. Do you consider how the products you use come to market or do you simply take them for granted? We can be the change. Check out Learn about the slave trade and how your lifestyle may only be possible because of the enslavement of other people. Be the change.