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Friday is for Film

I went to the movies with my dad twice over the weekend. We watched Appaloosa and Max Payne. Appaloosa is a western and Ed Harris’ second directorial outing. There was nothing profound or visual exciting happening in this movie. It did excite in me a desire to go back and watch The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford though. If you are just totally bored and need something to do then this movie may be able to keep you from falling asleep.

The theatre we watched Max Payne in had a brand new Christie projector in it and was probably the best picture quality I have ever seen. The movie looked incredible. Visually the film is amazing. There are scenes in the film that are breathtaking and the special effects were superb. Mark Wahlberg’s performance was weak though. There were moments when I thought he is just not mature enough to pull this scene off. Mark is the new Keanu in my opinion. Still this film was good, but not great.

The best part of the weekend was seeing the trailers for two of Clint Eastwood’s new movies. Go to and check them out.