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GroupLife Conference

evt_17oct08-01       I have been at the church this weekend watching the Group Life Conference from Willow Creek. Some of the speakers have been Mark Batterson, Bill Donahue, John Burke, and Miles McPherson. I am currently listening to Miles McPherson of The Rock Church and he is blowing me away with his message on the topic of "How Community Transforms." Miles is speaking about how the community found in small groups must go and share with those outside the church. We have got to get out of the church so that we can love our neighbor.

What can your small group do to take "in here, out there?" How can your group work to transform your community? Get your small group together and do some good works that others may experience Christ through you and praise our Father in heaven.

I want to say how much my small group means to Sydnie and I. Before we came to Arrow Heights we were at a church that only had Sunday School and we served during that time and weren’t really able to get into a group. Since coming to Arrow Heights we have found a group that we are able to meet with on Sunday evenings and share life with. These guys have become our closest friends. We share our hurts, our joys, and so much more. It is great to be able to grow alongside these couples. You need to be in community.

How has being in a small group changed your life?