Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

MySpace Advertising

myspace-logo-marker-bg-thumb        I have been checking out the new MySpace advertising network since it started a few days ago. We have a lot of students and adults who are more of MySpace people than FaceBook people. The interface was really easy to use and to target. You could drill down to women who live in Stigler who love The Shining and the Dallas Cowboys if you thought such a women existed and had a product to sell to her. After running an ad for 24 hours I had more than 3,200 impressions, but no clicks. I have a leaderboard and a 300 x 250 image ad running. I have set a budget of $150 through the end of the year for these ads to see how well this platform does at driving traffic to our site. We will see how they perform. This is not a lot of money when you consider that a 1/8 page ad in our local gazette would be about $1,000 per week. I think we are getting in front of our audience. I mentioned before that our best ad was of a funny looking fat man. I did not make a MySpace ad with him on it yet. I may do it later to see if my theory that funny looking fat men drive people to your web site. If you are interesting in advertising with MySpace I highly recommend it because of the simplicity of the interface, the demographic tools, and the reporting.

We advertise online with Google and Facebook and have used Yahoo in the past. I didn’t really care for using Yahoo since most people come through Google. Is your church advertising online with Facebook?