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Friday is for Film

This past weekend I went to the movies to see Role Models and Fireproof. On Friday Sydnie and I went out to eat at Schlotzsky’s and to see Role Models. We wanted to eat at The Hideaway but ran out of time. Role Models was funny in the Wedding Crashers vein of comedy. I feel like Paul Rudd in starting to get into an actin rut though. His did not really stretch himself with this film and may of his jokes and scenes could have been outtakes from Knocked Up.

Last night our LIFEgroup went to see Fireproof and to eat at The Hideaway, sounds like I am on a major pizza lust. Friday night the guy who started The Hideaway came and talked at the Men’s conference and taught us about the history of kiting and gave us all a kite so I kind of feel like I owe him a few bucks for the kite. So the acting in Fireproof and much of the dialog was horrible, but I get the point: be nicer to your wife and continue to date her because it is not a done deal.

At The Hideaway Lee Conner and I split a medium ATW and shared some bruschetta with our wives. I wanted to buy a shirt, but they were out of my size in the color that I wanted. Go eat at The Hideaway. It is so good.