Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Get Me Fired

Tony Morgan has started an interesting series of post about why churches should stop marketing. You can read the post and the comments at  As the Marketing Director at Arrow Heights I am very interested in where Tony is going and based upon his comments I think that we may be thinking in the same direction. 

So my goal at the church now may be to get myself fired. WHAT??? That sounds crazy, but what if everyone at the church was doing my job?  So much of the new media is about putting the average Joe in the position to create as much impact as the professional. Average Joe is no longer average if he uses these new tools. The new Super Joe can invite more of his friends to do something than at any time before. A single tweet and I have invited all of my Twitter followers and everyone of my Facebook friends to attend.  Marketing is about to get personal again. 

So what are we missing?  I think that we need to teach our people how to clearly communicate the Gospel to others and then show them how/where they can communicate that Gospel to others.  I have tried to be intentional in spending our marketing dollars on pieces that are intended to be handed to someone by someone. 

I want to make an important distinction when it comes to the purpose for what we are trying to do at Arrow Heights.  We are not in the impressions business we are in the conversion business. It is not about more bang for the buck it is about more disciples for the dollar.