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iPhone in Ethiopia

mitsu-pocket-hand I ran across a story last week about the new portable pocket projectors that Mitsubishi has come out with. These things will literally fit into the palm of your hand. Combine that with the video capabilities of the iPhone and some battery powered speakers and you may have a combination of the most powerful tools that we could put into the hands of missionaries in the fields of 3rd world countries. Many of the these countries are investing in better and faster wireless networks and have skipped investing too much in wired networks. For an up front cost of just over a $1,000 and a monthly cost of less than $100 we have put the world’s greatest communication tool into the hands of those who could do the most with it. Imagine sending a message or videos to a network of indigenous pastors across a country or continent. Think of the limitless amount of teachings and tools they would have access to through the Internet. So what all would we need to make this happen?

What are some other possibilities that you imagine with this combination?  Maybe a pastor in Addis Ababa could teach and direct a network of churches and pastors throughout Ethiopia via this method. Networks of churches that cannot support a teaching pastor getting great teaching every week.  Your turn.