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Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

LEADnow: Session 1

Started out with a Killer’s song behind a video. Great song.

Erwin McManus: Acts 17:16-23 – The Third Space

  • First Space: Outside world is invited in The Church’s Space
  • Second Space: The Marketplace of Ideas, Job
  • Third Space: The place where the outsider invited you into his space. A place where you are the outsider.
  • Paul got invited by outsiders to come inside and speak into their community. We are not getting invited to the table because we haven’t earned the right to be heard.
  • Paul shows where God is at work in the Third Space.
  • Paul uses the culture at large to explain to them the truth of God.
  • Are we too busy reaching Martha and Mary to engage with Dionysius and Damaris
  • Erwin is teaching from notes and emails on his Blackberry

Francis Chan:

  • Why are we more likely to be courageous over physical things, but not over spiritual things?
  • Do you want to be a hero or a coward?
  • Courage comes from intimacy with God.
  • It is during suffering that we become our closest to Christ.
  • The more courageous we become the more intimate we become with God
  • Jeremiah 1:4-5
  • God thought ahead of time about what He wanted you to do. Francis’ mother died giving birth to him, giving so much value to this Jeremiah passage. God know that his mother was going to die giving birth to him and that God had a purpose in all of it.
  • God made me the way I am for a specific purpose. We have been purposed and consecrated before we were even born. We are not accidents.
  • Jeremiah 1:6-8