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LEADnow: Session 2

Brian Mosley

  • Pursuit is a big part of what 20-30 something’s are looking for.

Todd Phillips, pastor of Frontline in Washington, D.C.:

  • What percentage of energy and time do each of you as leaders give to:
    • Leading Inwardly (leading yourself)
    • Leading Laterally (team members of peers)
    • Leading Up (those over you)
    • Leading Down (those under you)
  • What are you neglecting?
  • It is God that gives and God that takes away; He is the sources of any and all blessing we experience in this life
  • God is not concerned with success as we define it; rather He is deeply concerned that we become more like Christ.
  • All of our pursuits on this earth pale in comparison to the importance of developing the inner person.
  • "A Christian leader will be crushed under the weight of his own gifts and talents if he does not develop his inner man." –Lon at McLean Bible Church
  • "Leaders need internal strength to handle the load of modern leading" –Alan Nelson
  • Pursue developing your inner life over everything else
  • We need:
    • Aloneness, soul-making solitude and contemplation
      • Journaling
      • Fasting
      • Sabbath
      • Observance
      • Extended Prayer Times
    • Prayer
      • Most spiritual leaders have work very hard at their prayer life. Reasons:
        • They are self-reliant and action-oriented
        • There are many demands on their time
        • Spiritual talk can be confused for spiritual practice
      • We cannot compensate for a lack of time in prayer by developing our strengths in other areas. A deficiency in prayer can only be countered with time in prayer
    • Communal and Mutual Ministry
      • Engage in ministry with others
      • Communal living allows others to pour into us
      • We are meant to be in community
      • Incarnational

Tim Ross, Potter’s House Young Adult Leader

  • Cross Pollination
  • Expand your perspective and mind-set to other points of view
  • Be bold, Be beneficial, Be brilliant
  • Not everything you are going to hear is going to fit with your group of people.
  • Know what your congregation needs, not just what everybody else is doing


  • jeremydavidson

    November 20, 2008 at 10:59 pm

    Shaneen, I have recently been talking about prayer with our new mission pastor and hearing him pray during our meetings or when I walk by his office has been inspiring. God is doing some great things in his mission plant. We have started praying together as a staff at the church and I believe that it is going to help bring us together.

    Margaret, thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed your session and look forward to seeing more of your teachings when my DVDs come in.