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LEADnow: Session 3

Erwin McManus: Living God-sized Dreams

  • What if we made our lives a gift to humanity?
    • The Mythology of Greatness vs. The Discipline of Greatness
    • Some people live a life that they are obligated to live instead of a life they are passionate about. I identify with that statement far too well.
    • Instead of doing more we are consuming more.
    • Freedom gives us the opportunity to give and give and give.
    • What would happen if we became a movement of dreamers and visionaries.
    • If your greatest dream became your life would the world be a better place?
    • Don’t waste your life in a dream that is not worth your life
    • What dream is burning within me that will make the world a different place?
  • What dreams are trapped under the rubble of your past?
    • When you were a child you dreamed outlandish dreams and when you grew up your stopped dreaming. This makes me think of the movie BIG with Tom Hanks.
    • Erwin basically wrote Unstoppable Force in 45 hours.
  • What life could you pursue that would produce the most good for the world?
  • What dreams are waiting on the other side of your fears?
  • Will your dreams live past your last breath?
  • There is a difference between a risk and a thrill
  • Sometimes God won’t move until we commit
    • There are some things that God will not do for you, these are the things that He is waiting for you to do for Him and for the world
  • Jump head first