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Where Have You Been Jeremy?

This is probably what many of you have been wondering. It has been several weeks since I posted here. Why? The simple answer is that I have been spending a lot…ok, maybe too much time over at Twitter has sprung up in my life like a weed and taken over. I spend time thinking about what to post there, finding more people to follow, how the people who are starting to follow me found me, and how to increase my posting rate there.

What can you do to help me? Get a Twitter account, join the fun, and find some amazing things. I find the most amazing links, interact the some incredible people, and find out about some cutting edge stuff there. Last night Tony Steward invited people to take part in a video chat through a new site called and 60 people showed up. It was out of control and my browser crashed several times, but the possibilities that I found with are incredible.

I will be posting here more often, but hope that you will find me in some of the other places that I have been hanging out and meet some of the new friends I have found.