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My New XBox

928326_67383_front      So for Christmas I asked for an XBox 360. I have not had a video game console since I was in Junior High over 15 years ago. I have never really been much of a gamer, but recently Guitar Hero and Rock Band have really pulled me in. Sydnie bought me the game DeadRising and I have been playing non-stop. I come home at lunch, I stay up late, I get up early. I am loving this game. My wife however regrets ever purchasing this game. She hates Zombies and the noises they make.

I must be becoming a gamer. I have been looking up maps and codes online to learn how to play the game better. As I am writing this I keep looking at the game console and then at the clock and then back at the console. It is 12:21 AM and I am considering playing a little more, but I know that I have a very long day ahead tomorrow and should go to bed.

So what kinds of games are you playing right now?