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Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist


I was doodling around the web today since I was off work and ran across a website called I have been looking for a service that will allow me to manage multiple Twitter accounts from one page and this was one of the suggestions. I manage twitter feeds for

Not only am a I able to have multiple twitter account open on the same page, but I also have my Facebook, Gmail, MySpace, Google Calendar, and some of my favorite blog feeds. I now have 10 homepages that open up when I open FireFox, but I have moved NetVibes to my primary position and may even get to narrow the list down since they will show up on my NetVibes page.

I am digging this new service because it brings so many of the place that I usually go into one place. I love that. Simply my life please. Check out the service and leave a comment here about what you think of this service.