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Churches and the Web

     I spent the last 10 days digging into SBC churches and websites trying to discover how many SBC churches in several Oklahoma associations have web sites. My results from two of these associations show that less than 50% of the churches in these associations have a web site. WHAT! That totally blew me away. I can think of many reasons why a church would not have a reason, but the main reason would be the lack of a volunteer or staff member with the knowledge to put one in place. I am hoping to help remove this hurdle.

tmabcwired      After discovering these stats I have decided to help as many churches get into a website as possible this year. How am I going to do that? I have grabbed some domains and set up a site at to show people the system. I spoke with my pastor, Bob Green, today about my idea and he was really excited about helping more churches get online. Besides helping connect churches with people I am really interested in seeing how simply adding a very simple, well design website affects the growth of a church. I am hoping to be able to see more than 100 churches participate in this program. I am scheduling some meeting with associational directors and mission leaders to obtain some support to see this project kick off in a big way. I hope to handle domain registry, initial site set up, email, and a few other services for each church in a centralized way. Just like the SBC in a way for churches to pool their money to reach others in incredible ways I hope that will transition in a similar way that allows churches do more together than they could do on their own. Not every church can afford to hire a Media and Marketing Director like Arrow Heights, but many churches can pool their resources to create an organization that will provide them the same services. I want to lead out in this field, because I believe that the Gospel can be spread through the internet and that the web is the well of today.

So let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you think people are more likely to visit a church that has a web site?
  • Do you consider a church web site a must have?
  • How do you use your church’s web site and why do you go there?

One Comment

  • Chris Dattilo

    February 3, 2009 at 8:32 am

    We find that the majority of our visitors now come from finding us on the Web. We’ve ended Yellow pages advertising (just a listing). People either find us through search terms (reformed, Bible, church, Presbyterian are the top terms) or through denominational links to our website.

    When joining the church – most now say they found us on the web. It’s a must have.