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Thad Hubbard

Thad      I want to welcome Thad Hubbard into the world. My brother and sister in law moved to Nashville a few weeks ago and welcomed a new baby at the same time. Talk about some stress. We are going to see them next weekend and I can not wait. I love the faux hawk that he is sporting in the picture. I can tell you that I am pretty excited and seeing this little guy. It is really kind of hitting me recently that I am a real uncle.  I have got to start studying up on what uncles do. Right now I am reminded of my Uncle Richard. He helped me learn to tie my shoes, mostly by telling me I was doing it wrong and then telling me, “life is hard for a kid who can’t tie his shoes.” My mom said it was hilarious and took me over two hours to learn. Uncle Richard also loves movies and always asks me what I have seen lately.

     Part of me wants to be an uncle similar to Gene Hackman’s grandfather in The Royal Tenebaum’s. He had freaking blast with those boys. I guess time will tell.

     While I am writing this post I am watching Cassandra’s Dream about an Uncle who convinces his nephews to murder a business partner. It is scary how the things you blog about intersect with what you are watching on TV or listening to. LOL