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Slumdog Millionaire

I think that Slumdog Millioaire came to America at a perfect moment. In these hard financial times it is encouraging to see the story of someone making it against all odds. All the chips were against the main character Jamal. Born in a slum, mother killed while he was a small boy, orphaned, poor, sleeping on the streets, no education… Wow! We need to hear more stories about people who are rising up in these times through hard work, luck, destiny, and the will of God. I was touched so deeply by this movie and inspired to make more of the life that God has given me. I strongly encourage you to see this film and give God praise for what he has given you. Most of us here in American are so blessed and still live beyond our means. Who do I rely on more, the blessings of God or my paycheck? Jamal’s faith in destiny is very encouraging. He refuses to give up. How easily are you discouraged when you come up against roadblocks?

Go see this movie and leave me your comments on the film, how your faith was encouraged, and how you were challenged by it.

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  • ryland russell

    March 5, 2009 at 11:33 am

    I agree completely. Great movie, deserved all the awards. I’m so glad I chose to see this movie instead of that Jim Carrey remake of Liar Liar. (Can’t even remember the name of it now!)