Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-11

  • Watching Idol at home with Sydnie and my mom who is in town. #
  • Laughing at the #idol comments in my twitter feed. Paula is getting hammered tonight……and maybe she was hammered. #
  • @katherine27 I am only about half way through and I am voting for Danny and Lil Rounds so far. in reply to katherine27 #
  • @mknisely 1k RSS subscribers. in reply to mknisely #
  • @katherine27 Who are your favorites tonight? in reply to katherine27 #
  • Just got back from the baby Dr. She tells us we are having a boy. Pretty cool experience. Just have to agree on a name now. #
  • Twisted my ankle at lunch and it is hurting. #
  • Reinstalling Photoshop CS3 on my laptop. Struggling to stay awake today. Need to head to the gym. #
  • Amazed at how people think they can not follow directions when installing new hardware. Some days my purpose in life is to press “next” #
  • Found a music store last night selling guitar picks for $20 each. They were sold out of my gauge. #