Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-13

  • Hanging out at Barnes and Noble, OK in Norman and working on some sites for Tulsa area clients. #
  • @larryboatright I always get the Caramel Frappuccino. Always. Ok, sometimes I get a Caramel Steamer. in reply to larryboatright #
  • Listening to Alvin Reid speak at #MMC. “The need the SBC has is to change the culture of the church.” #
  • Google Voice Set to Transform the Phone (via @OReillyMedia) #
  • Alvin Reid: “We are practicing atheists in our neighborhoods” #
  • Alvin Reid to roomful of pastors: “Facebook and relationships are more important than you think.” #
  • @justinsamsel Another question would be the legality of recording all of your conversations. Would Google turn over your data in a pinch? in reply to justinsamsel #
  • @justinsamsel Imagine the ads you would see based upon your conversation. in reply to justinsamsel #
  • Watching the UCONN game with my dad at the house. #
  • @LukeTree definitely makes for an exciting game. That was so close though. in reply to LukeTree #
  • This UCONN game is amazing. #
  • Enjoying my dad’s latest culinary creation: jalapeño and corn hush puppies. These things are great. #
  • @LukeTree Are you still watching the game? in reply to LukeTree #
  • @MeganTree LOL I can sure believe that. Amazing game. in reply to MeganTree #
  • Freezing in the Embassy Suites’ hallway in Norman. #
  • @steelpanz it looks amazing. The cakes they made last night were like Ace of Cakes. in reply to steelpanz #