Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-21

  • @Maestro101 I thought that I Love You Man was funny but not hilarious. Segel was great and Rudd was himself. Good flick. in reply to Maestro101 #
  • Just finished installing the electric fence in the backyard for the doggies. Throwing the switch on tomorrow. Behavior modification ahead. #
  • Just made some tuna fish with crushed red pepper, sweet relish, light olive oil, and sweet and sour sauce. Delish. #
  • Just watched Knowing at the theater. Great film and perfectly timed. This movie is going to be a major hit. Lots to think about. #
  • @MeganTree I think it will get a lot of people thinking about whether they “know” during the Easter season. in reply to MeganTree #
  • @LukeTree I really enjoyed it and I am not really a Nick Cage fan. Great scare moments and didn’t seem trite at all. I would recommend it. in reply to LukeTree #
  • @Maestro101 Thanks for reading my tweets. Looks like you are an @rufuswainwright fan. I really love his music myself. in reply to Maestro101 #
  • @MeganTree I got scared several times. Reminded me of seeing Signs in the theater. Lots of people jumping out of their seats. in reply to MeganTree #
  • Watching Dollhouse and thinking that this may be one of the best fight scenes I have scene on TV. #
  • If your church had an iPhone app what would it do? Check out my blog post and leave your comments. #
  • @GregAtkinson @tonysteward @churchcrunch @TerryStorch Do you know of any churches with iPhone apps for church info, podcasts, etc? in reply to GregAtkinson #
  • @oneprayer Any plans for a oneprayer iPhone app where I could watch messages, read and submit prayers, donate to mission projects, more in reply to oneprayer #
  • @justinsamsel I think it could be a great way to connect people together and to develop tools for discipleship. Let’s think out loud on this in reply to justinsamsel #
  • It is past my bed time, 1:00 AM. I am no where near tired though. Syd is at my mom’s. Miss her and Whitley. Off to bed I go. #
  • @GregAtkinson I found sschurch in the app store but am thinking outside their box for possibilities and features. What in reply to GregAtkinson #
  • @GregAtkinson what could an app do that mobiles can’t or are not doing? Applications versus information in reply to GregAtkinson #
  • About to start pounding an eight foot copper rod into the ground. Advice from guy at Ace, “pound the hell out of it.” duly noted. #