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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-26

  • @longhollow I would love to see some behind the scenes of your media and tech stuff. Any chance I could shadow someone on Sunday? in reply to longhollow #
  • @Braelyn did you have fun tonight? in reply to Braelyn #
  • Still at work working on two laptops that failed today. Can’t wait to get home to watch #idol. Bound for Nashville in the morning. #
  • Just installed TwitterFox and I really like it so far. #
  • Checking out Twimailer. Any users out there want to toss their two cents in? #
  • I really hate working on computers that look like they have been used as a place setting at the dinner table. Don’t eat over my machines. #
  • @justinsamsel Thnks 4 the reply. Seems like it will save me time not having to click through. Need a new follower to experience it firsthand in reply to justinsamsel #
  • @justinsamsel I will have to wait until tomorrow then. Dang. in reply to justinsamsel #
  • @jwmatlock This one looks like it has had some donut glaze on it. Trying to avoid the s and x keys. Monitor looks like a sneeze magnet too. in reply to jwmatlock #
  • @krishadley You are up way too late my friend. in reply to krishadley #
  • Anyone else besides @kylecantrell and I headed to Nashville this weekend? #
  • @justinsamsel I am in the same place. My sleep aid prescription ran out on Monday and I have not refilled it yet. in reply to justinsamsel #
  • Finally home and watching #idol. #
  • @kylecantrell I left Tulsa around 11. Just drove through Little Rock. The race is on. in reply to kylecantrell #