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There are several film directors that have really blown me away with their work. Zack Snyder, the director of 300, is one of them. 300 was a film that had a consistent look and feel throughout. I felt that the aesthetic of the picture never strayed too far from center. I wish I could say the same for Watchmen. Watchmen has been hyped for for a long time now. The trailer for the film was great and really helped draw people in. At 2:25 PM on a Friday my theater wasn’t sold out, but it was pretty full. I lot of loner, solo dudes, like myself, filled many seats.

I never felt like the look and feel of the film ever settled. It attempted in many places to be a Matrix meets 300 meets Sin City, but it just wasn’t cohesive enough for me. I never felt like it hit it’s groove. I thought that they spent too much time on the sex scenes at the cost of the rest of the picture. The scenes from Mars were not very impressive to me and there were many of the make-up jobs that left me thinking they should have spent a little more time on. Did we really need to see so much of Dr. Manhattan’s penis? I mean really! The fight scenes were not consistent either. From what I have heard about the graphic novel I was expecting more blood and carnage and the movie hardly delivered. This was again a show of the movie’s inconsistencies.

On the positive side I did feel like all the parts were cast very well. Jackie Earle Haley continues to amaze me. Ever since his twisted character in Little Children, also starring Patrick Wilson of Watchmen, I have thought that this is a guy to watch. Haley has been in film since 1972 and you might remember his role as the pitcher Kelly Leak in The Bad News Bears (1976). I enjoyed the slower pace of the film as well. Parts of the film felt like a documentary and I really felt as though much of the film was a setup for things to come.

I think that there is an interesting question posed within this film: Would you rather have peace in the world or justice? I think the film also takes shots at former President Bush II, the war in Iraq, and the rebuilding process.

I think the film was decent, but not stellar. Lots of crude language, sex, and violence.