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Exponential 09 Notes – Erwin McManus

Acts 17:16

  • Paul was distressed to see the cities full of idols, because the people were crying out to Gods that could not help them
  • SO, Paul reasoned in the synagogues with both the Jews and the God fearing Greeks
  • Why would he go to the Synagogues and the God fearing Greeks instead of going to Athens?
  • We are creating churches that attract people just like us
  • The reason we reach people just like us is that we only like people like us
  • We need a church planting movement that is motivated by love that is not self directed.

FIRST SPACE: We create a space for people like us – Church
THE SECOND SPACE: The Marketplace

  • We live there until we ruin it
  • “We made you irrelevant by bringing you to church”
  • Equip them there, motivate them there, meet them there, leave them there
  • In the first space you have credibility as a pastor, but in the second space you lose credibility as a pastor

THE THIRD SPACE: this is a space where you must be invited. You have to earn it.

  • Reminds me of the book Do They Run When They See You Coming
  • Have you been invited to the party or are you forcing your way in
  • Jesus wasn’t a party crasher, he got the invite. He was however a church crasher

Erwin’s talk was challenging as usual. We really need to read this passage of scripture, look at our lives, and ask ourselves which spaces are we in. At Arrow Heights we are doing a good job in space one. If you look across the church you will a lot of people that look the same. I started reading The Monkey and the Fish by Dave Gibbons tonight. In the book he uses the story of the Good Samaritan and the very present globalization as the basis to challenge the church to look around them and ask if they are an accurate representation of the community that surrounds them. I can think of many churches in the Tulsa and OKC areas full of “commuters” who drive in for worship and are gone the remaining days of the week

The big push is to begin to operate the church in a way that the community is inviting you to participate. Arrow Heights has partnered with a local school in a program called Partners in Education. Through this program we do things for the school and open the building for them as needed.

Now I think there is a lot of room for growth in this area for me personally and Arrow Heights as a community. Let me ask you some questions:

  • Why is it important to leave new followers of Christ in “their” original space?
  • How have you been invited into the 3rd space?
  • Is there a next step you can take to begin to move into your next space?