Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Twitter Updates for 2009-04-29

  • Working on art for our student ministry summer camp at Falls Creek. Registration begins this Sunday. #
  • @katlynhughes Thanks for liking the tunes. You sound great on them. Congrats on this being tweet number 1,800. in reply to katlynhughes #
  • @brent_thomas I am digging some Miles Davis. Hadn’t had him in the playlist in awhile. Some cool jazz helps tone it down. U like Chet Baker? in reply to brent_thomas #
  • @LukeTree I used to listen to Paul Simon all the time back at Waterloo Road. Don’t have any She and Him yet. in reply to LukeTree #
  • Thinking bout using “Retweet” instead of “echo” for #fallscreek09 theme. echo gets softer each time. Retweet gets louder each time Thoughts? #
  • @natethiry Now you have peaked my interest. Let me see. Let me see. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours? in reply to natethiry #
  • RT @RobMcNealy: You light up my life (Glowing cloned beagles): I own two beagles. This is pretty cool. #
  • @hearlyfilms Heard through @natethiry that you have a pretty tasty #fallscreek09 shirt in the works. in reply to hearlyfilms #
  • @tulsafood in reply to tulsafood #
  • Checking out some new productivity apps in app store. Looking for a good PC or web based todo list. Any recommendations? #
  • Goodnight people. Time for bed. #
  • Looking for ideas for advertising our Summer Day Camp for kids. Billboards, newspapers, Facebook, banners, postcards, etc. #
  • Thank you Sydnie for bringing me lunch. #
  • Best place to get poly door hanger bags? clear bags no print. #
  • Seems like the number of crappy radio stations in Tulsa has tripled. #