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Kem Meyer Blog Tour

Less Clutter Less Noise

Less Clutter Less Noise

Just got word today that Kem Meyer will be making a stop on her blog tour for her new book Less Clutter Less Noise: Beyond Bulletins, Brochures, and Bake Sales next Friday, May 29th. Kem is the Communications Director at Granger Community Church and blogs at If you haven’t picked up the book yet you can grab it on Amazon and other book stores. As part of the blog tour we will be giving away a copy of the book to one of our readers.

Does your church or non-profit have a communications strategy? It is really easy for churches to let the messages multiply. It is amazing how many people walk up to our ministers each Sunday and ask to have something announced from the stage or put into our bulletin. Can you get control? Read the book and see what Kem has to say about controlling the messages that are coming from your church.

Take the time this week and count how many different messages are coming from your church each week. Count the number of items in your bulletin, your poster, your signs, items in your emails, your Twitter feed, your blog, from your weekly service, from your LIFEGroups or Sunday School classes, weekly Bible Studies, etc. Is it too much for people to keep up with? Leave a comment below telling us how surprised you may be by the number of messages that people hear from you each week.