Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-01

  • Just had a great conversation with @tommyhaines from @realchurch. #
  • Listening to Cloud Nine by The Temptations and letting my mind wander. #
  • Just finished working on the #fallscreek brochure and now I am headed to grab some dinner on the way to @stonewoodcoffee. #
  • @djohnson81 What’s the deally yo? in reply to djohnson81 #
  • When I look at my friends’ friends in Facebook there needs to be a “Show: UNmutual Friends” I can search “my friends” to find my friends. #
  • RT @mbstockdale twitter group on twibes 4 church communicators/creatives. Go to or re-tweet this link to join #
  • @monicajohnson I am not a rock star or ninja, but let see what is going down? How can I be of assistance? in reply to monicajohnson #
  • Why do I get excited about new Social Icon sets? #
  • Overhearing some great sounding Hispanic worship from our mission Mosaic Community Church. A tambourine that is in time. Amazing! #
  • @OklahomaMudd Tell Trudie to loosen up, have a Frapp, and start tweeting. in reply to OklahomaMudd #
  • Heading back to the house. #
  • – Lee’s last day in the office. Lunch at Bueno. #
  • Hanging out at Panera on 71st while I wait for the next movie to start. It is cold up in this place. #