Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-12

  • Just finished some taco salad. House is on and I am working on some new WordPress installs. #
  • @justinsamsel It is going to be pretty good. We never got to talk about a Falls Creek theme. Did you land on anything? in reply to justinsamsel #
  • Organizing a “NO MA AM” night on Friday. Going to see #Terminator and eat some burgers. If you are in Tulsa DM me for details. #
  • @upfromunder playing at Kamp’s Deli in OKC on 5/29/09. Organize all of your friends. We need your votes and your voices to win this thing. #
  • So many SPAM recipes advertised above my Gmail and so little desire to eat SPAM. #
  • Still processing #exponential09, thinking about the future, dreaming, educating myself, looking for coaches, surveying the land, Thanks #
  • Every time I open TweetDeck I am amazed at how often @brent_thomas changes his profile pic. Seriously who else keeps it that fresh? #
  • Watching Tom Hanks on David Letterman. #
  • @LukeTree How…is…it…? in reply to LukeTree #
  • @SarahStevo Amen to that. The jelly covering and the “slooshy” sound it makes coming out of the can. in reply to SarahStevo #
  • Time for bed peoples. See you in the morning. #