Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-18

  • RT @tonyrobbins: Disgusting but u must know-floating plastic garbage twice size of Texas-accumulted between SF & Hawaii #
  • Running a virus scan on my assistant’s computer. No threats found so far. Keeps jumping to 100% CPU usage and stalling. #
  • Watching the Obama commencement at Notre Dame on an @ABC7 feed and wondering what is up with the grads w/ buildings on their hats. #
  • @justinsamsel me too but I am trying work it out this time. I have reinstalled this machine twice in last year. This workstation is the pits in reply to justinsamsel #
  • Strawberry ice cream from braum’s is calling my name. #
  • @mknisely twittertools plugin for WordPress. in reply to mknisely #
  • I just finished mowing the yard, watching the end of Lake Placid, and about to go run sound for Heritage Night O Praise. #
  • Sonic #
  • @wstucky I care friend. In a Old Time Gospel Jam here in Broken Arrow. #
  • – Paige taking on a cupcake at LifeGroup. #
  • Heading to bed. See you in the morning peoples. The baby from the upcoming film The Hangover is so cool looking. #
  • Interesting story I read about this morning #